The Nectar Cafe

The Nectar is an Organic, vegetarian cafe on the edge of Norwich, serving fresh juices, smoothies, herbal tea blends, healthy cakes, handmade chocolates, lunches and snacks. The food we make is inspired by nature.. whole, beautiful and colourful! We source as much local and seasonal produce as possible, and choose fair trade when we have to use imported goods. Most of the produce we use comes from our local community supported agriculture scheme, Norwich farmshare, which we support by subscribing to a box of lovely organically grown vegetables every week to use in our fresh juices, salads and soups. We like to volunteer every now and then and get our hands into the soil our food is grown in! Being connected to where our food comes from is very important to us, and we like to get involved in as much of the process as possible, by getting to know our growers and growing some it ourselves! We have our own fresh herb window boxes outside, and grow our own edible flowers for decoration. Food is about pleasuring all of the senses, and we love to make our food look as good as it tastes!

We make all of our own cakes, treats and chocolates, using all organic, raw, dairy free, gluten free and sugar free ingredients. This means that not only they delicious and beautiful, but everything that goes into them is good for you and the planet! We make rich chocolate tarts using raw cacao, seasonal fruit 'cheese' cakes using cashews to make a creamy cheese and flavoured with deeply colourful berries and fruits. Our flapjacks and energy balls are packed full of high energy nuts, seeds, dried fruits and spices. If you've never tasted raw chocolate before, you're in for a treat! We hand make them in small batches using raw cacao, low GI sweeteners like coconut sugar or local borage honey, and hand mould them into gorgeous artisan chocolates filled with nut-butter ganache, juicy fruits or subtle natural flavours. We use our own chocolate in our mugs of real hot-chocolate, melted down with fresh almond milk and warming spices. Our menu is always changing to reflect the seasons, keeping us in touch with nature and feeding us with it's bountiful harvest.

The Nectar is the creation of years of passion of health and nutrition, from childhood days of gathering berries and making concoctions in the kitchen, followed by years of travels in Australia where Jo, the owner of the nectar was introduced to Living foods. She was given a job running a farmers market stall selling raw cakes, chocolates, crackers and salads, then later helping to run workshops teaching the art of raw food preparation. On her return to the UK, she continued eating a high-raw diet, but wanted to use more locally grown produce and combine her love of raw-food cuisine with a local, seasonal and ethical edge. She keeps the nutritional content of all the food as high as possible, whilst making it look beautiful, adapting her recipes to the seasons and making everything with joy and a passion for delicious nutritious food.

Most of the food we serve is raw, vegan and gluten free, though we also serve organic cows milk and cheese for drinks and sandwiches. We get our bread for our wholesome sandwiches from the artisan bakery two minutes up the road. We also make soups in the colder months, made with seasonal organic veg and warming spices. We stock locally produced cordials, preserves, honey and oil, as well as packaging our own crackers, granola, nut butters and gluten-free flours. As well as being a cafe, we also run regular workshops in living food, so you can come and learn how to make your own healthy raw recipes! See our events page for upcoming dates.

We have spent alot of time making sure the food we serve is of the highest quality and good for you and the planet! We care about where our food comes from, the way it's grown and how we produce the food we make you. That's why we choose organic, local small scale growers and fair trade, so that we show our support for others doing their bit for mother earth.


Juices: We love juice! All of our juices are freshly made to order using our gentle juicer, giving you the highest nutrient-juce possible. 

Simply: Carrot

Sweet beets: Carrot, beetroot, apple (+ginger)
Flu-fighter: Orange, lemon, apple, ginger, echinacea
Go-go green :  Cucumber, celery, spinach/kale, lemon, apple (+avocado)
Jazzy apple: Apple, fennel (in season)
Cool-fire: Pear, ginger, cucumber
SOLE Juice: Seasonal, Organic, Local, Ethical juice of the day.. see our specials

Smoothies: All of our smoothies are made with fresh juice and fruit.

Green dream: Banana, apple juice, greens, hempseeds
Berry Power: Banana, apple juice, berries, hempseeds
Pear and ginger: Banana, pear, ginger, apple juice, hempseeds
Avo-mint: Avocado, apple juice, peppermint

Thickshakes: All of our Thickshakes are made with either our homemade organic almond milk or organic cow milk

Creamy chocolate: Almond/cow milk, banana, dates, hempseeds, raw cacao powder
Mint-choc-chip: Almond/cow milk, banana, dates, raw cacao powder, raw cacao nibs, peppermint
Creamy banana: Almond/cow milk, banana, dates, hempseeds
Berry creamy: Almond/cow milk, banana, dates, berries, hempseeds
Chai shake: Almond/cow milk, banana, dates, chai-spices
Mocha Maca shake: espresso, cacao, maca, almond/cows milk, banana, dates

Hedgerow cordials: Our handmade cordials are made using vitimin-rich seasonal fruits. Served either still, sparkling or hot. See our seasonal flavours of the month.

Teas.... We Love tea! Choose from our eclectic range of organic teas, from black, green or white anti-oxidant rich teas, to our herbal blends, created by us to reflect your mood.

Normali-Tea: Black tea, served with your choice of milk. Served by the pot for 1 or 2.

Straight up: Green tea, white tea, earl-grey, peppermint, chamomile, fennel, spearmint, liquorice, rooibos, nettle, lemon balm, ginger.


Wholesome Sarnies
- £3.50
All made with local artisan bread and served open or toasted:
Homemade Hummus and salad
Avocado, Pesto & tomato
Homemade almond cheese & chutney

Dipping plates
Dukkah plate
Local organic bread served with our homemade ‘dukkah’, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
- £3.50
Raw dipping plate

A plate of home made flax crackers served with three dips: Seasonal chutney or pate, cashew cheese and fresh pesto


Miso soup bowl
A nourishing bowl of unpasteurised miso, shredded vegetables, sprouted mung beans, goji
berries and nori sprinkles.
Seasonal, Organic, Local, Ethical soup of the day. served with artisan bread
- £4.50

Breakfast bowls
Raw power breakfast bowl
A yummy bowl of buckwheaties, fresh and dried fruit and homemade almond milk.
Organic creamy porridge
Porridge oats made with almond milk, dried frits and spices served with honey or agave syrup.

Salad bowls
Raw rainbow salad
A bowl of organic leaves, grated root veg, homemade sauerkraut, tomato, avocado, sprouted seeds and a creamy tahini dressing.
Add wholemeal bread  or raw flax crackers - £1
- £4.95
Falafel plate
Homemade pumpkin seed falafels served with quinoa salad, avocado, hummus, sprouted seeds and creamy tahini dressing
Winter warmer
Warm-millet and buckwheat with steamed kale, served with a creamy tahini dressing, sprouted seeds, homemade kimchi and
grated root veg.
- £4.95
Quinoa tabbulli
Steamed quinoa, lemon, olive oil, fresh herbs, cucumber, tomato and avocado served with sprouted seeds and tahini dressing

All of our cakes and sweets are handmade in the cafe using organic, raw, vegan ingredients. All of the desserts are gluten free, except the oaty flapjax.
'Cheese' cakes
Cashew cheese cakes flavoured with seasonal fruits, cacao, or fresh flavours such as lavender and green tea and mint. See our flavours of the day.
£2.50 per slice (whole cakes to order)

Chocolate avocado pie
A rich creamy chocolate tart, made from fresh avocado, dates and cacao!
£2.50 per slice

Rich raw fruit cake
Mixed dried fruits marinaded in citrus juices blended with almond flour and spices.
£2.50 per slice

Raw chocolate fudge slices
A thick chocolate fudge topping on a chewy date and seed base
£2 per slice

Raw oaty flapjax
Raw oats, cashews, dates, raisins and spices with a figgy filling
£2 per slice

Handmade Raw chocolates
Handmade using raw cacao powder and butter, coconut palm sugar and innovative flavours
£1 each

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